Executive Board
Marco Grasmeder

Marco Grasmeder

Marco Grasmeder

Christian Knoblich

Christian Knoblich

Christian Knoblich


People at transmed
We make great efforts to satisfy our customers, fulfil our high quality standards, and always remain competitive. The most crucial factor in our success is the people at transmed, with their creative power and their motivation to keep improving every day. Their ideas and actions shape the image of transmed. With a focus on our customers, they strive each and every day to fulfil their diverse requirements and wishes even better.


We want to offer you individual transport solutions. Thanks to our nationwide network, we can be everywhere – day and night. We are represented as a transport service provider at 20 branches throughout Germany. Our teams in the branches work around the clock to deliver your goods quickly and on time. In addition to our presence in Germany, our distribution network covering the entire DACH region as well as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Serbia allows us to guarantee the fast and reliable transport of your goods at home and abroad.

transmed Hub

Central HUB

Year of construction: 2007, measuring 1,800 m²
Extension: by 900 m² to 2,700 m² in 2009
GDP upgrade: 2014/2015 (2 halls)


  • Kept at a temperature of 15–25°C and integrated into nationwide temperature monitoring
  • Intrusion alarms & video monitoring
  • Pest control

Pick volume: approx. 85,000 shipments per night


  • Line connections: approx. 102 vehicles (vans to articulated lorries) deployed per day
  • National line connections: 21 connections
  • International line connections: AT, CH, BEL, LUX, CZ/SK, NL
  • International airport connections: China, England, Ireland, Hungary